Voice (Shot 8)

In ten minutes my flight for the Philippines should be taking off…but it’s delayed, and I’m at home still. Perfect time to catch up on blogging. The biggest news is that my blood work came back great. Kidneys, liver, blood cells, you name it, all normal.  What that means is that I was able to increase my testosterone injections to double what I had started on. Instead of injecting more every two weeks, instead I’m staying on the same amount, just every week. Last week was the first time that kicked in and it hit me really hard. My heart was racing and I couldn’t focus, it was just like my first few weeks on testosterone again. The difference was that the next day, I felt great.  I had my next shot this past Wednesday, and I didn’t experience any out of the ordinary feelings. I’m feeling strong, happy, much less crazy, and glad to say goodbye to those horrible lows that came with shots every two weeks. When I was looking over my blood work with my doctor, I noticed my blood testosterone level score. It was somewhere in the low 500s, which she told me was in the normal cis-male range. When I asked what my blood testosterone was before I started T, she told me that they usually don’t check because cis-women’s testosterone range is so much lower (15-70ng/dL). I was more surprised that the cis-male adult range of testosterone was so large (270-1,070ng/mL). Low 500s is fine with me. Hopefully I’ll be catching a cab to SFO in the next hour. I’m actually looking forward to the 14hr flight to Manila. I haven’t had that much free time in ages. (Shot 9)


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